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Timing Belt & Timing Chain Specialists

Mastermind Enterprises is Denver's Top Rated Auto Repair Shop!     Get Master ASE Certified Technicians at Mastermind Enterprises!    Mastermind Enterprises is a RepairPal Top Shop in Denver, Colorado!    Mastermind Enterprises LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Auto Repair and Service Shop in Denver CO     


We replace timing belts on most vehicles as low as $499 Parts & Labor with Warranty!

Auto Repair & Service You Can Trust in Denver!Are you looking for a well-respected, honest, Master ASE Certified auto repair shop in Denver to replace your vehicle's timing belt or timing chain? This is what Mastermind Enterprises does!

We specialize in timing belts and timing chains. Our lead ASE Master Certified Technician has been replacing them for over 28 years! We replace timing belts and timing chains on most asian and domestic vehicles from Acura to Toyota AND we guarantee all of our work with a 24 Month/24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty! For a list of makes and models, please see the chart below.

We use the highest quality parts and offer competitive pricing. All work is done by ASE Master Certified Technicians – no trainees ever touch your car at Mastermind Enterprises.

Check out our family owned and operated auto repair shop, Mastermind Enterprises, in Denver, Colorado first! Check out our customer testimonials and determine if we are the right choice to replace your timing belt or timing chain on your vehicle in Denver. Mastermind Enterprises has been serving the Denver Metro Area's auto repair needs since 2002. We are a full service auto repair shop, including auto service, auto repair and much more!

What can happen if your timing belt or chain is serviced improperly by an unqualified mechanic
(or not serviced at all)

Broken Valves - Timing Belt Needed Replaced  Broken Timing Belt - Replacement at Mastermind Enterprises Denver
  Broken Valves - Timing Belt Replaced Incorrectly

Don't take a chance on costly engine damage! If you are over your vehicle's recommended timing belt change intervals, do not even start your car! It is very common for timing belts and chains to skip a tooth or break when you turn off your engine. Then, when you go to start your car again, you can actually cause more damage. You can avoid major engine damage like this by replacing your timing belt or timing chain at or BEFORE your manufacturer's recommended mileage. If there is any doubt about the condition of your timing belt or chain, we recommend you have your vehicle towed down immediately. Click here to watch a video and learn more.

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Timing Component Kit - Timing Belt, Tensioners, Pulleys, Water Pump - Replaced by Mastermind Enterprises in DenverYour timing belt or timing chain is your vehicle's most critical component. Don’t trust your engine to just any mechanic. Come to the timing belt and timing chain masters at Mastermind Enterprises. We specialize in timing belt and timing chain replacements. We have the tools, equipment, and experience to do it right – the first time with the highest quality parts available. Taking care of your timing belt or timing chain saves you costly engine damage down the road. We do timing belts as low as $599 Parts & Labor with a warranty!

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Timing Belt & Timing Chain Replacement

The rubber timing belt(s) connects the camshaft(s) to the crankshaft of the engine. This rubber belt wears and deteriorates over time, requiring replacement, sometimes sooner than the manufacturer recommended mileage interval. This is true especially in states with severe weather conditions, such as Colorado. The water pump, also known as the coolant pump, circulates coolant through the engine's cooling system and may be driven by the timing belt. Click here to watch a video and learn more.

Why Should I Replace My Timing Belt?

A worn timing belt may affect the engine performance, a broken timing belt will stop the engine from running and may cause severe internal engine damage and costly repairs (even engine replacement), so it's important to have your timing belt serviced. If you don't, you may experience one or more of these symptoms:

- Broken timing belt - The engine will stop running and internal engine damage can occur.

- Belt may "jump time" - (The belt may skip a tooth or more, usually on the cam gear). This results in a loss of synchronization and engine performance.

- Trouble codes from the camshaft or crankshaft sensors - These codes will cause your Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light to illuminate.

- Slapping or scraping noises from engine - This occurs when the belt becomes too loose and is slapping the inside of the timing cover.

Is the vehicle leaking any type of fluid that might degrade the belt?

If there is a leak, disregard the suggested replacement interval and replace the belt ASAP and repair the leak, too!

Do you know the repair history of your vehicle?

If you cannot verify it, err on the side of safety and caution and replace the belt!

Why Should My Timing Belt Components Be Replaced (Tensioners, Idlers, Pulleys, etc.)?

To avoid subsequent timing belt failure consider replacing sprockets, tensioners, idlers, pulleys and other components that are part of the timing belt system. All service intervals should be followed in order to protect your investment and maintain the integrity of your warranty.

Why Should My Water Pump Be Replaced at the time of my Timing Belt?

Timing belt replacement is usually labor intensive. Most water pumps are either driven independently via their own belts or are driven by a serpentine belt that also drives many other components. Some current designs use the timing belt to drive the water pump. In these cases, it is advisable to replace the water pump in conjunction with scheduled timing belt replacement, even if the water pump is not leaking. You will save on labor costs and prevent having to replace the pump later on and having to pay for the belt to be replaced again, too. If you don't replace the water pump with the timing belt, you may experience one or more of these symptoms:

- Noise from engine area, including a rumbling sound
- Coolant leak
- Engine overheating
- Additional Repair Costs at a later time

When Should My Timing Belt and Water Pump Be Replaced?

The timing belt should be replaced at scheduled intervals, which vary among car manufacturers, but are usually every 60,000 to 105,000 miles. Having it serviced at or BEFORE these intervals will help reduce the chance of any related drivability concerns. In Colorado with our severe driving conditions, Mastermind Enterprises recommends replacing timing belts BEFORE the recommended change interval to protect your engine and valuable investment.

When Should My Timing Chain Be Replaced?

Manufacturers often recommend replacing your timing chain and guides at 100,000 miles. Some manufacturers do not recommend replacing your timing chain until it begins making noise or showing signs of excessie swear. Most timing chains are designed to last the life of the engine. If are unsure, come to Mastermind Enterprises for a through vehicle inspection to put your mind at ease.

If I don't drive my vehicle much, how often should I replace my timing belt?

The timing belt is usually replaced at mileage intervals from 60,000-105,000 miles. Timing belts also need to replaced with age because they are made of rubber materials. After time, the rubber breaks down and begins to crack and deteriorate.. Mastermind Enterprises recommends replacing your timing belt every 6-8 years if you don't drive your vehicle often. For example, a 7 year old car with 20,000 miles needs a timing belt just like a 2 year old car with 60,000 miles does, too.

Timing Belt & Timing Chain Replacement by Mastermind Enterprises

We replace timing belts and timing chains on Asian and Domestic vehicles, including -
Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota.

We can service your vehicle's timing belt or timing chain just like the dealer, but even better with an ASE Master Certified Technician! Mastermind Enterprises offers a flat-rate towing service through our towing partner.

From your initial phone call, until you pick up your car, we take the time to explain what is wrong and what repairs are needed. All the work that needs to be done is separated from the work that can wait or is nonessential. We can explain the options and make specific auto repair recommendations. We also explain all parts and labor charges, and if applicable, list the work that you should plan on having done at a later time. We know that your vehicle plays a vital role and an intricate part in your daily life. Therefore, we minimize your vehicle's and your "down" time. In most service and repair cases, same day or next day auto repair and service is available (subject to parts availability).

At Mastermind Enterprises, we believe that the more efficiently we run our shop, the better service we can provide to you, our customer. We stand behind all work that we perform. We also offer our customers a 24 Month/24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty on most repairs. If an additional warranty applies to a part, Mastermind Enterprises will honor the manufacturer's warranty as applicable. Warranties will be explained to you upon request and/or at time of your auto repair.

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